Jocelyn Romero

Jocelyn Romero was born in San Francisco, California on January 7, 1977 at 12:22 PM. For all of the astrology enthusiasts out there, Jocelyn is a Sun Sign 9th House Capricorn, Moon in 5th House Leo, Taurus Rising. When she first read her natal birth chart at age 22, she was amazed by the accuracy of the Astrology.com reading, and was upset she hadn’t received the information much sooner. “Getting my chart at 14 years old would have made for an incredibly improved teenage experience, because not only did the chart offer insight into my personality, it celebrated the uniqueness of my gifts and challenges for this lifetime. The birth chart even predicted that I would probably be a writer as part of a myriad of creative interests, which I scoffed at, and then about 15 years later I published my first novel, UnderLife.”

When we know the truth about ourselves, living with peace and happiness is easy to embrace.

Jocelyn started reading Tarot cards during her senior year of college at Arizona State University (which she graduated from with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre). “My only exposure to Tarot, before wandering into that metaphysical bookshop in Scottsdale, had been with the Rider-Waite Tarot, which I never liked, because the art work was terrible and the interpretations in the book difficult to decipher and apply. Finding The Cosmic Tribe Tarot was a revelation, because every question I asked got an honest reply from The Cosmic Perspective. Plus the deck had 3 different Lovers cards, and for someone who’s been openly bi-sexual since high school, I really appreciated the expanded representation of romantic relationships. I quickly learned that if a mistake was made deciphering a reading, it was user error, not the card system of archetypal symbols.”


Jocelyn was introduced to the I Ching by Aquarian Soul Brother Evan Sandman shortly after moving to Hollywood. Between Tarot and Astrology, lightning bolts of life changing perception had already struck twice. I Ching was Round 3. “Using the I Ching became the structure of how I build my life. If Time is a River the I Ching illuminates current and near future sailing conditions. Each hexagram cast (using 3 coins rolled like dice 6 times) offers advice on how to continually get out of your own way, see the truth of anything, seize opportunity, do the work required, and be happy. Our attitudes are the only thing we have 100% control over in life, and the I Ching has been a vital tool for me to work harmoniously with the trials, tribulations, and celebrations of life.”