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Astrology Reports Birth, Past Life, and Compatibility Reports!

Get Your Indra Birth Chart By Bob Mulligan, Ry Redd’s Edgar Cayce Past Life Report, Compatibility Report By Gina Ronco, and Kepler Chart Wheels! It’s An Avalanche Of Wonderful Jaw-Dropping Information! Accurate Date/Time/Place of Birth Information Required.

Returning Clients

You’ll Receive Two Custom-Designed Tarot Spreads (You Can Ask Up To 15 Questions Per Spread!), an I Ching reading, and an Astrological Report of Your Choice (Natal, Past Life, or Compatibility)

New Client Reading (1-2 Hours)

By Phone, Zoom, Or In-Person (For Los Angeles, California Area)

You’ll Receive:

  • Two Custom-Designed Tarot Spreads – Using Five Decks – Up To 15 Questions Per Spread!
  • I Ching Reading – The Book Of Changes Is A Map Of Time
  • Astrological Indra Birth Chart Report And Live Interpretation
  • Ry Redd’s Edgar Cayce Past Life Report
  • Compatibility Chart Wheel, Report, And Analysis
Live Readings & Group Events (priced per engagement)

LA area only

Contact with your event details and needs.

Upload a PDF (Student ID or Driver’s License) to prove you are between 13-19 years old and get a 50% discount.