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Astrology Reports Natal Chart, Past Life Report & Chart Wheel

Get your Indra Natal Birth Chart by Bob Mulligan, Ry Redd’s Edgar Cayce Past Life Report, and Kepler Chart Wheel! The comprehensive Indra Report is 30-35 pages all about your energetic personality blueprint. Ry Redd’s study of the Edgar Cayce readings analyzes your birth chart to give an inspiring look into your past lives. The Kepler Chart Wheel is a technical astrological schematic of your birth chart. Accurate Date/Time/Place of Birth information is required. To get Jocelyn’s interpretation of your chart you must book a full session. charges $40 for these charts, and you can have them for only $25!

Returning Clients

You’ll receive two custom Tarot spreads (up to 15 questions each), an I Ching reading, an Astrological Natal Birth Chart and reading (an excellent gift for someone if you already have your chart), and Ry Redd’s Edgar Cayce Past Life Report.

New Client Reading (1-2 Hours)

By Phone, Facetime, WhatsApp, or In-Person (if you’re in the Los Angeles, California Area)

You’ll Receive:

  • Astrological Indra Natal Birth Chart emailed report and personal interpretation. (This is the most accurate if you know your time of birth.)
  • Edgar Cayce Past Life Report – Based on Astrologer Ry Redd’s comprehensive analysis of Edgar Cayce’s readings compiled with your birth data.
  • Custom I Ching Reading – The Book of Changes is a Map of Time.
  • Two Tarot Spreads – Up to 15 questions each. I also have several pre-made spreads to choose from. Don’t worry about having the perfect questions ready. Just tell me what you want to know as best you can and I’ll design a custom spread for you.
Live Readings & Group Events (priced per engagement)

LA area only

Contact with your event details and needs.

Upload a PDF (Student ID or Driver’s License) to prove you are between 13-19 years old and get a 50% discount.